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About Us

About Us


Print For Players,, is a full-service merchandise company ready to assist college players with their NIL merchandise.  We can help players with limited or no experience with merchandise, NIL requirements, marketing, or social media to immediately launch a program or we can also assist a more sophisticated player to the degree they need. 

Our goal is to maximize their opportunity while ensuring compliance and let them focus on school and athletics rather than being distracted trying to build and manage an NIL program.  We make it easy for them.  We offer transparent pricing and seamless support. Our affiliated companies, and, are the one of the largest producers of on-demand print and apparel so we can immediately launch these player’s products and scale them up without any inventory or the delays of costs associated with such inventory.  Since we are vertically integrated, we can also offer the best pricing and maximize how much each player makes per product. 

Our process is simple but complete:

  1. Setup - The Player completes an interview with one of our Account Managers, who will help them setup their NIL merch program and remain their primary contact. The interview will cover the Players personal details, how the player looks at their personal brand, their social media presence and then evaluate any marketing collateral they have developed (images, catch phrases, slogans, etc) so that we can personalize their web presence, merchandise and marketing based on each individual player. 
  2. Design - Our design team then takes over to (1) customize a web page or web site for them and (2) develop initial merchandise designs for them. Most players with have a customized webpage with full ecommerce capabilities at  For players with a larger or more sophisticated presence we can easily launch a dedicated website for them or even connect to an existing website if they have one. 
  3. Review - The Player will then review all mockups and product designs. We will not post or sell anything without their approval on every product.  We will continue to iterate through designs and copyright until the player is satisfied. 
  4. Compliance - The final designs are then used to generate the webpage and products which will go live as soon as our legal department reviews to ensure NCAA compliance.
  5. Launch - We then launch their webpage ready for fans to start purchasing from with complete e-commerce, SEO optimized pages and full PCI compliance along with all required security.
  6. Promotion - Our marketing team will continue to optimize the website and work with the player to do periodic, typically monthly, social media posts on their own channels (Instagram etc) to promote the products. We will also do various sales and promotions which the players will have the option to participate in or not.
  7. Reporting - We will send the players a weekly summary of sales. Our fees are simple, we give the players a straight 50% of all net revenue (product sales price less sales tax, shipping, and any discounts).  No complicated calculation of costs per product etc.  We handle all shipping, customer service and sales taxes. No fuss just profits for the players!
  8. Payments - We will then automatically remit the players share of the product sales to them electronically directly to their bank account through an ACH transfer on a weekly basis. They see immediate financial benefits with no complications.